Environmental Technology for Geological Storage of Carbon Dioxide
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Work Package # 2

Work Package 2: Modelling multi-phase reactive transport of CO2 in aquifers: Team Leader Karsten H.Jensen (IGG, KU): participants Karsten Pruess (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), Jacob Gudbjerg (consultant), Torben O. Sonnenborg (GEUS), post. doc. Flemming Damgaard Christensen (Rambøll).

This work package will focus on further development of a general simulation code TOUGH, which is developed by researchers at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. The aim will be to enable the code to handle the migration of CO2 in the subsurface describing all possible phase combinations (supercritical, liquid and gaseous) and the geochemical reactions associated with geological storage of CO2. The work will be carried out in collaboration with researchers from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. The code will be used to simulate the entire pathway if CO2 leaks from an underground storage facility at supercritical state and moves to the surface including geochemical reactions. Such simulations are a prerequisite for doing a thorough risk assessment of geological storage of CO2.

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