Environmental Technology for Geological Storage of Carbon Dioxide
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Work Package # 1

Work Package 1: Dynamic and geomechanical behavior of CO2 storage formations: Team Leader Peter Frykman (GEUS): Participants, Gillian Pickup (Heriot-Watt Univ.), Christian Bernstone (Vattenfall), Niels Peter Christensen (Vattenfall), Finn Dalhoff (Vattenfall), Ann T. Sørensen (Vattenfall), Lone Klinkby (Vattenfall),Flemming Larsen (GEUS), Niels Springer (GEUS), Helle F. Christiansen (GEO), PhD student NN.

The assessment of potential environmental impacts of possible leaks from storage sites during all phases and timescales of a storage project, starts with the understanding of the dynamic and geomechanical behaviour of CO2 storage formations, which is researched in WP1.

  • Based on reservoir modelling done by GEUS for Vattenfall, the main objective will be to generate a number of general generic scenarios for reservoir responses when supercritical CO2 is injected into a geological storage complex.
  • The study will be exemplified by the Gassum Formation at the Vedsted structure, northwest of Ålborg, utilising already existing data from the investigations by Vattenfall on the possibility for geological storage of CO2.
  • Numerical simulations will be made specifically to estimate the regional pressure build-up in the formations due to the injection and its possible effect on the stability of the freshwater-saltwater interface.
  • The natural development of the fresh-saltwater interface will be studied in a new 300-500 meter deep borehole, which will be drilled close to the site.
  • Furthermore, potential CO2 migration pathways will be studied and special attention will be paid to the risk of movement and transport along fault zones due to changes in the stress-field caused by CO2 injection.
The reservoir model version 0.0 for the Vedsted structure showing the top Gassum Formation map and the porosity structure on the end face.
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