Environmental Technology for Geological Storage of Carbon Dioxide
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Project Description


This project aims at developing environmental technologies for reducing the atmospheric CO2 concentration. The research is conducted in different work packages as outlined below:

Work packages 1-4 evaluate the potential environmental impacts of leaks from CO2 storage sites in shallow saline aquifers. Research will focus on;

  • WP 1 : Generating generic modeling scenarios for reservoir responses when supercritical CO2 is injected into a geological storage complex.;
  • WP 2 : Development of model codes to simulate multi-phase CO2 transport coupled to geochemical and geomechanical processes;
  • WP 3 : The potential impact of escaping CO2 on the groundwater chemical composition;
  • WP 4 : Geophysical methods for monitoring different CO2 phases in saline aquifers systems and obtaining a quantitative understanding of the transport of gaseous CO2 in the underground.
WP 5 : explores a new approach for capturing CO2 from the atmosphere by enhancing the CO2 content of infiltrating groundwater. Field and mesocosm experiments will be carried out to investigate
  • CO2 cycling between groundwater, soil, biosphere and atmosphere
  • Reaction between CO2 and minerals in soil and subsurface
  • Effect of soil amendment on CO2 cycling.
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