Environmental Technology for Geological Storage of Carbon Dioxide
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Ernest N. Mbia, Ida L. Fabricius, Peter Frykman, Finn Dalhoff, Christian Bernstone, Ann T. Sørensen, Gillian Pickup & Carsten N. Møller:
Caprock compressibility, caprock permeability and faults permeability and the consequences for pressure development due to CO2 storage in Vedsted structure, Northern part of Denmark (pfd file ~8.0Mb)

Karsten Høgh Jensen, Torben Sonnenborg, Karsten Pruess, Flemming Damgaard Christensen & Jacob Gudbjerg:
Modelling (pfd file ~3.2Mb) 

Aaron Graham Cahill:
Hydro-geochemical impact of CO2 leakage from geological sequestration on shallow potable aquifers (pfd file ~14.6Mb)

J. Doetsch, G. Fiandaca, E. Auken, A.V. Christiansen, A.G. Cahill, R. Jakobsen: Non-intrusive monitoring of CO2-induced geochemical changes using geoelectrical monitoring
Non-intrusive monitoring of CO2-induced geochemical changes using geoelectrical monitoring (pfd file ~8,5Mb)

Rune Nørbæk Lassen, Karsten Høgh Jensen, Majken Looms: Gaseous CO2 monitored and modelled
Gaseous CO2 migration in the shallow subsurface: Laboratory, Numerical modelling, and Field investigation (pfd file ~2,6Mb)

Søren Jessen, Rasmus Jakobsen, Dieke Postma, Majken Looms, Flemming Larsen, Per Ambus:
Carbon transfer across the vadose zone: Inhibition by 20th century acid rain? (pfd file ~3.5Mb)

Eike Marie Thaysen, Iver Jakobsen, Per Ambus, Claus Beier, Søren Jessen & Dieke Postma:
Plant-mediated transfer of CO2 to aquifers as influenced by lime and crushed concrete waste (pfd file ~1.1Mb)

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