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"CO2-GS - Work Package 1"
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Sidst ændret: October 1, 2010
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Work Package # 1

Work Package 1: Dynamic and geomechanical behavior of CO2 storage formations: Team Leader Peter Frykman (GEUS): Participants, Gillian Pickup (Heriot-Watt Univ.), Christian Bernstone (Vattenfall), Niels Peter Christensen (Vattenfall), Finn Dalhoff (Vattenfall), Ann T. Sørensen (Vattenfall), Lone Klinkby (Vattenfall),Flemming Larsen (GEUS), Niels Springer (GEUS), Helle F. Christiansen (GEO), PhD student NN.

The assessment of potential environmental impacts of possible leaks from storage sites during all phases and timescales of a storage project, starts with the understanding of the dynamic and geomechanical behaviour of CO2 storage formations, which is researched in WP1.

The reservoir model version 0.0 for the Vedsted structure showing the top Gassum Formation map and the porosity structure on the end face.